look, if you’re gonna talk about autistic representation, don’t just talk about nine year old white boys who memorize train schedules and plane models and can recite like 500 digits of pi. talk about the chubby filipino girl who’s terrified to speak up in class but can talk for hours about welcome to night vale. talk about the bigender indian person with pdd-nos who found out about asl and felt a weight lift off their chest. talk about the newly diagnosed black man who was always told he was just lazy, unmotivated, a burden.

neurodiversity is important, but diversity within that community is even more important.





"that boy is really cute" "wait cara arent you a lesbian how can you tell" you know what. youre right. i forgot to put on my HomoSpecs™, which allow me to view all men as grayish blurry blobs. Is that jeremy?? i can’t even tell now that i’m wearing my HomoSpecs™. all men look like the same unattractive indistinguishable gray haze to me because i am homosexual 

As a homogay myself, I can confirm that this is 100% accurate.

Similar things happen to us asexuals, so I can empathize. 

Like yes, sorry I forgot to think everyone looks like a literal dog’s butthole today.